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Water Damage Restoration

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Your health is most important when water damage happens. Water mitigation is the process of reducing or preventing the amount of water damage that happens after a flood or a leak. It prevents secondary damage through a fast response.

Water mitigation is needed after plumbing failures or when storms cause water to rush into your home. Soaked rugs, damaged walls, warped flooring and ruined furniture are only the beginning if mitigation is not engaged quickly.

When to Call?

Seeping water damage is progressive, pervasive and can mean valuable objects may become permanently damaged – especially if emergency response is delayed beyond the first 48 hours.

When moisture seeps into anything of value, there are immediate steps that can be taken to reduce the amount of long-term damage that results.

When flooding happens take these steps:

  • Call Creative Carpet Care & Restoration
  • Remain calm
  • Close the water main or shut off any water source so flooding stops
  • Shut down the electrical breaker in damaged areas before unplugging or removing any electrical devices from the wet carpet or submerged areas.
  • Put aluminum foil under legs or feet of any furniture in contact with wet carpet or water to prevent permanent staining
  • Lift any curtains or draperies away from wet carpet or water
  • Lift and tack up any upholstered furniture skirts
  • Remove books, papers, fabrics, shoes, potted plants or other items that are able to stain wet carpet

Avoid doing these things:

  • Using your home vacuum – electrical shock can result, as well as damage to the equipment
  • Placing newspaper in traffic areas to walk on – newspaper ink transfers easily to wet carpet fibers, which results in permanent staining
  • Walking on carpet any more than necessary—this keeps damage from spreading to unaffected areas


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When freak weather hits or broken pipes can bring the unwelcome surprise of water damage to your home or business—damage that impacts your furniture, your carpets, your upholstery, even structural elements like floors, walls and ceilings. Call Creative Carpet Care and Restoration right away to proivde relief and restorm calm.


As a homeowner, business owner, property manager, or real estate agent, you know how much the cleanliness of your carpet affects the impressions made on guests or customers. Carpet cleaning prolongs the life of your carpet, prevents buildup of allergens, bacteria and unhealthy contaminants. Keep your carpets in top shape with regular cleaning and preventative maintenance—call Creative Carpet Care right away and see how we can help!


Mold can destroy the infrastructure of your house and make your residence or business unsafe for use. Mold remediation prevents the spread of mold by isolating damaged areas, removing affected material and eliminating moisture sources—the cause of the mold—in order to reestablish a healthy environment. If you detect mold damage or question if mold can be affecting your health, call Creative Carpet Care and Restoration and let us clear the air for you!

A Reliable Resource for Homeowners, Property Managers, Realtors, and Business Owners

Creative Carpet Care is a family-owned business dedicated to uphold the maximum carpet cleaning standards. We believe in a personal relationship with each and every customer, and will always do everything possible to exceed your expectations and ensure full customer satisfaction. We take great pride in offering quality service and value to both residential and commercial customers. We have built a reputable business based on service and customer satisfaction and we look forward to the opportunity of serving you.

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A Reliable Resource for Homeowners, Property Managers, Realtors, and Business Owners


Ben and Brad were extremely professional and did an outstanding job cleaning my carpet. My carpet had stains and looked worn out. Now the stains are gone and my carpet looks wonderful. I will definitely recommend Creative Carpet Care & Restoration to family and friends.
– Debra S.


Fabulous emergency restoration service!! They responded immediately when our pipes burst and flooded part of our basement. They handled drying carpets, pads and walls, then put everything back together and finished by cleaning my carpets better than they have been cleaned before. Their prices are ve… READ MORE – Ellen H.


I was so very impressed with Creative Carpet Care! They took care of the mold in my basement quickly and efficiently. They wasted no time, were willing to travel 3.5 hours, and do it happily. Ben made me feel like my mold problem was his mold problem, it was handled in a quick and professional ma… READ MORE – Laura R